The version of the Python interpreter used during the development was the 3.7, which can be managed in virtual environments such as Anaconda. Therefore, try to use the same or above versions for the best compatibility.

  • Python>=3.7
  • PIP


The software is currently hosted at the Python central repository PyPI, to install the software properly use the command on the terminal:

pip install -U z2n-periodogram

Known Issues


To create an interactive plotting window (where the user is able to select regions on the power spectrum) this package requires the bult-in python module Tkinter. Although the module should arrive with any Python installation, it may be missing. In that case, a manual installation of the module will be required.

The module is available on the package managers of the major linux distributions.

For debian based distros:

$ sudo apt install python3-tk

For fedora based distros:

$ sudo dnf install python3-tkinter

For arch based distros:

$ sudo pacman -S tk

For other systems consult the avaible docs on the module.